2013 Professional Services Sales and Marketing Maturity™ Benchmark

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In this study, Service Performance Insight focuses on PS sales, marketing and packaging to gain insights into the best practices and realities of how much PS organizations are investing in sales and marketing and the results they are achieving

Professional Services executives:

  • How much should you spend on sales and marketing?
  • What are industry standard sales quotas?
  • How much does a qualified lead cost?
  • Which investments are not worth the effort?

Based on sales, marketing and packaging benchmarks from 187 Professional Service organizations, current expenditure on PS sales and marketing is 11.4% of total service revenue.  The average investment in selling is 8.6%; 1.1% is spent on service marketing and an additional 1.7% is spent on service packaging. 

 This ground-breaking PS Sales and Marketing benchmark contains:

  • 63 insightful pages
  • 52 metric-rich tables
  • 18 impactful charts

Benchmarks from:

  • 76 embedded PSOs (within hardware, software and SaaS firms)
  • 111 independent firms (primarily IT and Management Consulting)
  • Representing nine PS vertical markets

The 2013 Professional Services Sales & Marketing™ Benchmark is designed to help Professional Service Organizations (PSOs)

Table of Contents

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