2022 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Survey

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  2022 PS Maturity Survey - Excel Download

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In 2007, SPI developed the PS Maturity Model™ as a strategic planning and management framework. It is now the industry-leading performance improvement tool used by over 35,000 service and project-oriented organizations to chart their course to service excellence.


Over 6,000 professional services organizations (PSOs) have participated in this important research over the past 14 years. The 2022 report promises to offer even more insight and analysis into the market with a view of the key success factors that drive exceptional consulting performance.

If you are running a service organization:

  • Do you know how your organization stacks up against industry metrics?
  • Do you have the industry data you need to support your strategy?
  • Can you objectively quantify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to create an actionable business plan?
  • Do you know where you should invest to yield the highest impact?

Every year, PS executives come to Service Performance Insight to gain an understanding of how well their organizations have performed compared to their peers while also learning about emerging trends and best practices. The Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark provides a basis for comparison and a framework for improvement.

  2022 PS Maturity Survey - Excel Download    


You will receive a free copy of the forthcoming (15thannual) 2022 PS Maturity™ Benchmark Report ($1,995 retail) by either taking the web-based survey, or by downloading and completing the Excel survey and emailing it back to (david.hofferberth@spiresearch.com) by November 30th. For approximately one-hour of your time, you will receive the 2022 PS Maturity™ Benchmark report when it is published in February 2022.

Your results will be treated with the strictest of confidence.