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The 2018 Five Key Performance Indicators for Greater Financial Success

The Drive to Achieve Excellence in the IT Services Industry

EcoSystems Matter!

Transforming a Service Business in the Cloud

2018 NetSuite in Advertising V2

The Resurgence of European Professional Services

European Architecture & Engineering Firms

Leading a Best-of-the-Best Professional Service Organization

Service Industry Forecasting

Plan to Perfection

Rise of European Professional Services

Professional Services Automation Primer

Previous Events

Service Performance Insight shares thought leadership, advice and metrics to advance service productivity and profit. Here are links to a few of our most popular webinars:


On December 11th Jeanne Urich presented Secrets to Building a Multi-Revenue Stream Services Business.

On November 13th Dave Hofferberth presented Be a Leader Through Improved Financial Management, the final in a 4-part series on “Leaders vs. Laggards – Where does your firm fit in?

On September 27th Dave Hofferberth presented The Top Five KPIs for Professional Services Organizations.

On September 20th Jeanne Urich presented a summary of the 2018 Pricing, Compensation and Utilization Study.

On September 15th Dave Hofferberth presented Be a Leader Through Superior Project Execution.

Jeanne Urich was recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine.

From November 5 – 8 Dave Hofferberth attended and spoke at Deltek Insight 2018.

On October 24th Dave Hofferberth presented Rise of the Machines: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are Changing People-Based Businesses.

On October 16th Jeanne Urich was interviewd by Mavenlink on the 2018 Professional Services Global Pricing, Compensation, and Utilization Report.

On October 9th Dave Hofferberth presented 5 KPIs Most Highly Correlated to Profitability. What you need to know now for your 2019 planning!

From October 1-4, Jeanne Urich attended Workday Rising 2018.