2017 PSA End-user Survey

2017 PSA End-user Survey report

Item Number: SPI17PSAeus

For the first time in over a decade, during the second quarter of 2017, SPI Research conducted a Professional Services Automation (PSA) end-user survey.  This examination of 68 billable organizations using PSA is truly an independent research study – the PSA solution providers had no input or control over the survey or respondents.  The survey asked both quantitative and qualitative questions regarding why firms selected PSA, which attributes were most important, and how buyers perceived their benefits.  Most importantly, this study looked at both pre- and post-PSA deployment. 

This report contains:

  • PSA definition and core modules
  • Why PSA was purchased
  • How PSA is used
  • Satisfaction with various components and aspects of PSA
  • Pre- and post-PSA deployment benchmarks
  • Participant interviews
  • 36 insightful figures and tables

PSA helps executives and project team members better understand the time and cost to deliver services, and therefore derive a value and return on investment from the work they deliver.  PSA use in the past decade has expanded significantly beyond early adopters in technology and consulting firms.  Now organizations in almost every industry are starting to adopt PSA to more efficiently deliver projects and services while accurately tracking time and cost.  As all industries move toward more knowledge and project-driven work, the PSA market will continue to expand.  

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