2021 PS Maturity™ Benchmark

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You should receive a link to the PDF within 1-day.  The Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark is designed to help Professional Service Organizations (PSOs) understand their relative performance compared to an expansive benchmark of peers. It provides visibility into critical business processes and key performance measurements so organizations can compare, diagnose and improve their own performance.  It provides prescriptive advice so organizations can pinpoint current levels of maturity and visualize the steps required to advance to the next level. Service Performance Insight (SPI) Research first introduced the "New Professional Services Maturity Model™" benchmark report in January, 2008. Since that time more than 35,000 PS organizations have adopted it to chart their course to service excellence.

The report contains:

  • 187 pages with 207 insightful charts and graphs
  • Analysis derived from 561 Professional Service Organizations representing over 300,000 consultants
  • Five-year trend analysis for 160 key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Detailed income statements
  • Analysis of the Top 20% High Performance PS firms

14 Professional Services vertical markets:

  • IT Consulting: 143 firms representing ~ 90,000 consultants;
  • Management Consulting: 84 firms with ~ 23,000 consultants;
  • SaaS PS: 64 firms with ~ 22,000 consultants;
  • Software PS: 55 firms with ~ 27,000 consultants;
  • Architects and Engineers: 35 firms with ~ 14,000 architects and engineers;
  • Marketing,Advertising and PR: 31 firms with ~ 4,000 consultants;
  • Value-Added Resellers: 17 firms with ~ 9,000 consultants;
  • Accountancies: 14 firms with ~ 13,000 accountants and auditors;
  • Managed Services: Provide hosting and managed and outsourced services, representing 13 firms and ~ 22,000 consultants;
  • Staffing: representing 10 firms and ~ 12,000 consultants;
  • Research & Development: representing 7 firms and ~ 7,000 consultants;
  • Healthcare/Medical/Pharma/Biotech: 6 firms with ~ 11,000 consultants;
  • Government Contractors: 6 firms with ~ 9,000 consultants;
  • Other PS: 68 firms with ~ 41,000 consultants.

2020 was a year like no other in history with the Corona Virus pandemic ravaging society and the economy. Surprisingly, Professional Service organizations weathered the storm with relative ease. Yes, annual revenue and headcount growth were down from 2019, but taken as a whole, the PS sector reported relatively strong year over year revenue growth of 8.7% combined with 5.5% average headcount growth. Comparatively few firms were forced to lay-off their valuable PS employees. In fact, many firms used the chaos of 2020 to expand their workforces, with 18% (101 firms) reporting robust headcount growth greater than 15%. At the other extreme, 21.9% (123 firms) resorted to lay-offs. 18.8% (106 firms) reported negative revenue growth while 28.1% (158 firms) reported healthy revenue growth of more than 15%. Unfortunately the K-shaped recovery which is widening the gap between the have and have nots in society is also at play in the Professional Services sector with the best-positioned firms (focused on the hottest growth areas of the cloud and analytics) garnering near record levels of growth and profit while the bottom 20% saw revenues and profits plummet.

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