Sample Consulting RUs Scorecard

Do you know how mature your consulting business is? Do you know where to focus to produce the greatest returns?

Service Performance Insight now offers its new custom PS Maturity ™ Scorecard including a web executive briefing

The Professional Services Maturity™ Scorecard is designed to help Professional Service Organizations (PSOs) understand their relative performance compared to an expansive benchmark of peers. The PS Maturity™ Scorecard provides your organization with a comparative benchmark to your peer group (ie, IT consultancies with fewer than 300 employees) and pinpoints areas where you should focus your performance improvement efforts. It provides visibility into critical business processes and key performance measurements so organizations can compare, diagnose and improve their own performance. It provides prescriptive advice so organizations can pinpoint current levels of maturity and visualize the steps required to advance to the next level.

Click here to download sample scorecard