Service Lifecycle Maturity Acceleration™

Service Performance Insight's two-day Service Lifecycle Maturity (SLM) Acceleration™ program is for PSO leaders, services marketing professionals, service product managers who set strategy, manage and make decisions about their service product portfolio and service offerings.  

This course provides insight into SPIs™ Research-based Service Lifecycle Management Maturity Model™ and an actionable framework - SLM3™ methodology and toolkit that will enable the service product team to implement a holistic and sustaining service productization program.  SLM3™ topics include:

  1. Critical success factors the required conditions for service productization success
  2. Organizational structure the teams, hierarchy, roles, and responsibilities leading and supporting the program
  3. Program foundation the critical service productization program capabilities and activities project management, change management, and portfolio management that are required for start-up and ongoing program operations
  4. Service productization methodology the five-phase lifecycle process that compels the team to develop a strategically aligned, market-driven and high-quality service product focus

Prior to the course, participants complete an SLM Maturity™ Benchmark.  An SLM Maturity™ Scorecard is generated for each participant firm specifically comparing it to peer organizations. This information serves as a basis for prioritizing service productization implementation and improvement initiatives.

The program is intense but fun. At the end of the course, participants have the option of taking the SLM3™ certification exam.

SPI encourages participants to attend the course with other service product professionals from their organizations to maximize your outcomes with a high-quality performance acceleration strategy and plan.

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