"The 2020 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark continues to build upon the wealth of data that SPIResearch has developed over the years. To be able to compare my business to that of my peers using benchmarks that are aligned with my business is invaluable. I am able to use the data to improve the efficiency of my business while also ensuring that I avoid the pitfalls others have encountered. To my fellow owners of PSOs, I encourage you to both subscribe and contribute to the work of SPI Research. You and, most importantly, your business will reap the benefits.”
  Michael O'Toole
  VP Services
  Bright Idea

Digital Transformation is fast changing how companies work. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics are essential tools in our war chest to remain competitive. SPI Research’s “2020 Professional Services MaturityTM Benchmark” report is one of those essential tools. A must read!”
  E. Bruce Lovenberg
  Chief Financial Officer
  Logical Design Solutions

Over the past five years, Astound Commerce has grown at a breakneck pace, and we wanted to tap into the wealth of information and operational insights offered by SPI to learn what we can be doing better as our company continues to grow. We worked with SPI on benchmarking various elements of our operations and ultimately derived extremely valuable and actionable insights from our engagement.”
  Roman Martynenko
  Founder and EVP Global Services
  Astound Commerce

Service Performance Insight has helped our organization improve immensely. Particularly as a consulting and software solution provider their reports help our organization target critical areas for continuous improvement”.
  Kirk Chan
  VP Business Development
  Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.

As the world becomes more complex, company needs and demands grow along with it; naturally leading to a greater desire for service-driven organizations. As a result, we have seen, and will continue to see a tremendous spike in the growth of the professional services market," said Christian Weinbrenner, VP Global Professional Services Programs at Navis. "Regardless of sector, companies are dealing with constant changes - technological, political, economic, social etc. - requiring them to work harder to increase productivity without adding substantial costs. The potential impact on the bottom line is exactly why clients across the board are seeking organizations that can help them navigate these new opportunities and challenges. Navis, along with the other organizations that made the Best-of-the-Best list, take great pride in applying specialized knowledge and skills to solve the complex challenges that our clients are presented with on a daily basis."
  Christian Weinbrenner
  VP Global Professional Services Programs

"This is - BY FAR - my most eagerly anticipated annual piece of PS research. I use the content all the time for budgeting, benchmarking, research, and staying on top of trends. Worth the $$$. Kudos and thank you @Jeanne Urich and Dave Hofferberth!”
  Patrick Zelten
  Senior Director of Professional Services
  Forescout Technologies, Inc.

“Great insight and data for professional services leaders - very useful for comparing your business performance against the industry benchmark!”
  Ben Clare
  Team Lead Business Development
  Kimble Applications

"Great work again guys, *the* most comprehensive annual insight into Professional Services.”
  Paul Moskwa
  Professional Services Director
  Mitrefinch LTD

“Top Step has long valued the PS Maturity™ benchmark report and the ability for us to compare ourselves to our peers for fostering continuous improvements. The results prove out as we are the only 10-year winner of this prestigious award.”
  Ronn Breaux
  President and CEO

"As we continue to expand our reach in the Salesforce ecosystem, SPI Research’s Benchmark report remains an important touchpoint for us on how to remain competitive and keep up the momentum.”
  Stephanie Picardi
  VFP Consulting

We look forward to the new SPI benchmark report every year. SPI continues to produce the only report with as much detail on a massive variety of variables and KPI’s that PS organizations have to look at to hone their businesses. There is no more efficient way to evaluate our progress and compare strategy and tactical options as we continue to build out our organization through fast growth."
  Steven Laine
  Future State

I look forward to participating and receiving this report every year. SPI Research seems remarkable in their ability to stay ahead of the trends that affect PS with insights that are specific to the path we are on. Their analysis is chock full of relevant detail that is actionable in our business. I recommend this to anyone in the professional services or enterprise software markets."
  Mike Alsup

Every year I am waiting for the results of the PS Maturity benchmark. This year again I was not disappointed, I am impressed with the accessibility of the data and how dead-on your conclusions were with regards to movements in the market. They align with our experience and allow us to make well documented and supported decisions about the ongoing future of our team and our products."
  Tirza Lowenstyn
  VP, Professional Services
  Unit 4 North America

"I just described SPI to someone as my favorite think tank. Seriously. Maybe I’m weird, but I look forward to the annual PS Maturity Benchmark more than any film, album or J.K. Rowling novel. As far as business impact, in terms of raw financials, I used last year’s results (2012’s survey) to frame our revenue and EBITDA expectations for 2014. From where I’m sitting, it looks like we’ll move up the maturity model as it relates to $/hr and utilization. The cautiously optimistic view also sees us hitting an EBITDA goal that will trigger material profit sharing payouts for even entry level employees. We’re on our way.

As far as the “fuzzier” impacts, the PS Maturity Model has taught our org to “act its age.” That is, we collectively see the value in greater maturity and have agreed to routinely assess ourselves and put together the necessary planning for continued evolution. However, we also recognize the level we’ve achieved and are careful to stretch our operations further than the next immediate level. For example, in some areas of our business we still rely on heroics; however, we’ve identified this and devote time to extracting from our heroes what makes them great and then wrapping training programs around it so all may be lifted up around them. We’ve noticed that when you scale your heroes such that their way of operating becomes the standard, you can create premium services that differentiate your business from competitors. This has allowed us to close much larger deals with solid profit margins.

Further, the concept of “productization,” that is, a repeatable process that yields the same expected results every time has been super huge for us. When we sell campaigns, they all begin as uniform offerings with pricing tiers for different expectations (this is obvious but difficult to implement at low maturity levels). Clients looking for services in our marketing communication vertical strongly desire the same experience of buying an iPhone from an Apple store as they do from their services vendors. They want to know that there’s always going to be a beautiful, defect free LCD screen on every campaign so to speak. Relatedly, we’ve taken an iterative approach to service development that we stole from the Agile software development paradigm. It’s working wonderfully and a credit to SPI circa 2012.

Anyway, I love your report and the work you do. It’s incredibly validating to know there are others thinking this way. I recommend it to all my services peers."
  Phil Golobish
  VP, Services