• The 15th annual Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Survey is open!

    14 years ago Service Performance Insight introduced the new Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark. Now, in the 15th year of the survey, we are proud it has reached such critical acclaim. Over 6,000 professional services firms have participated in the benchmark over the past 15 years, and we look forward to soon reaching 7,000! This important research depends on your support! By fully completing the 2022 PS Maturity™ benchmark survey (please click this link to either download the Excel questionnaire or go to the Qualtrics web-based survey) you will receive a complimentary copy (worth $1,995) of the 2022 PS Maturity™ benchmark when it is published in February.
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  • The 2021 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report

    Service Performance Insight (SPI Research) proudly introduces its 14th annual benchmark – The 2021 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report, a comprehensive study of the global professional services industry provides in-depth analysis gleaned from over 6,000 PS organizations over the last thirteen years. The report contains 187 pages with 207 insightful charts and graphs; analysis of 150+ key performance indicators (KPIs) including detailed income statements. The benchmark covers ten global PS vertical markets: IT Consulting, Management Consulting, PS within SaaS, PS within Software, Architects and Engineers, Marketing and Advertising, VARs (Value-added Resellers), Accountancies, Managed Services and Other PS. Analysis is provided by vertical, geography and size of organization.
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  • The 2020 PS Talent Benchmark Report

    This important 108-page study profiles talent priorities, the move to virtual service delivery, level of employee investment and the impact of business applications. The study provides analysis of target and realized bill rates, compensation and utilization across a broad range of professional service verticals, geographies and job levels around the globe. It provides an unprecedented view of Professional Services workforce distribution and composition by industry segment through an analysis of organization structures for various service segments including IT Consulting; Management Consulting; Architects and Engineers and embedded service organizations within technology companies.
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  • SPI Research’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Survey Report

    The 45-page report consists of 46 figures and tables, and highlights some of the trends in HCM use, most notable its movement to the Cloud. The average firm size was 446 employees, and the organizations showed an annual profit of 11.6%. These organizations, on average, showed an annual profit increase of over $1 mm as a result of the benefits provided by HCM, namely a reduction in the total time to hire, train and make consultants billable, reduced employee attrition, and higher billable utilization though optimized staffing levels. The report sells for $595.

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  • 2017 PSA End-user Survey Report

    The 2017 Professional Services Automation (PSA) End-user Survey Report

    SPI Research conducted a comprehensive end-user survey on 68 organizations using PSA solutions. The survey asked both quantitative and qualitative questions regarding why firms selected PSA, which attributes were most important, and how buyers perceived their benefits. Most importantly, this study looked at both pre- and post-PSA deployment.
    PSA helps executives and project team members better understand the time and cost to deliver services, and therefore derive a value and return on investment from the work they deliver. PSA use in the past decade has expanded significantly beyond early adopters in technology and consulting firms. Now organizations in almost every industry are starting to adopt PSA to more efficiently deliver projects and services while accurately tracking time and cost.

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  • Professional Services Maturity™ Scorecard

    Service Performance Insight proudly announces the PS Maturity™ Scorecard.

    Service Performance Insight's PS Maturity Scorecard™ is for PS leaders and executives who want to benchmark and compare their consulting business performance to the world’s leading benchmark of over 2,000 firms. It uses SPI’s research-based PS Maturity Model™ to focus on five service performance pillars – Leadership, Client Relationships, Human Capital Alignment, Service Execution and Finance and Operations. At the end of the project, leaders will not only understand the PS Maturity™ model, but will also have the tools to identify, frame, and prioritize strategic improvement priorities required to accelerate performance.
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  • The PS Sales and Marketing Maturity™ Benchmark

    The service industry has switched from “controlling costs” to “growth”. The race is on to out-market, out-sell and out-package the competition with profitable growth the prize. Around the globe service providers are re-examining their approaches to the market: looking at the most effective sales, marketing and packaging techniques to determine the optimum investment formula with the greatest payback.

    This report analyzes professional services (PS) industry spending on sales, marketing and packaging to explore which investments yield the best results. 187 global professional services organizations participated in the study conducted in July, 2013.
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  • About SPI Research

    Service Performance Insight (SPI) is a global research, consulting and training organization dedicated to helping professional service organizations (PSOs) make quantum improvements in productivity and profit. In 2007, SPI developed the PS Maturity Model™ as a strategic planning and management framework. It is now the industry-leading performance improvement tool used by over 35,000 project- and services-driven organizations to chart their course to service excellence.

    The core tenet of the PS Maturity Model™ is PSOs achieve success through the optimization of five Service Performance Pillars™:

    1. Leadership – Vision, Strategy and Culture
    2. Client Relationships
    3. Human Capital Alignment
    4. Service Execution
    5. Finance and Operations

    SPI provides a unique depth of operating experience combined with unsurpassed analytic capability. We not only diagnose areas for improvement but also provide the business value of change. We then work collaboratively with our clients to create new management processes to transform and ignite performance.

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  • The 2022 PS Maturity Benchmark

    Take the 2022 PS Maturity Survey

    Surveying for the 15th annual benchmark report has begun!

    Did you know:

    • Over the past five years PS average year over year revenue growth
      has hovered between 8% and 11%, while net profit has been in the
      14% to 19% range.
    • In 2020 over 50% of professional services were delivered remotely,
      and that trend continues in 2021 and probably will beyond that.
    • Professional Services employee attrition has averaged between
      12% and 14% over the past five years, reaching a low point in
      mid-2020, but appears to be heading to new highs as the economy
      regains momentum. 


    SPI Research will analyze these, and over 100 other key performance indicators (KPIs) in the upcoming 2022 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark report.  SPI’s Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark has become the gold standard for PS organizational performance analysis.  The benchmark survey provides key performance indicators and guidance for organizations of all sizes, in all PS vertical markets, and geographic regions.  With this data, you can better understand how your organization performs relative to your peers, and where you should begin (or continue) your performance improvement focus.

    Firms that complete the survey by November 30th, 2021, will be rewarded by receiving a free copy of the 2022 PS Maturity™ benchmark report (valued at $1,995) when it is published in February 2022.

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