PS Maturity™ Transformation

For PS leaders who want to focus, align and engage the entire PS organization to achieve breakthrough results, SPI has developed the Professional Service Maturity™ Transformation program based on its industry-leading Professional Service Maturity Model™.  

Typical client challenges:

  1. Leadership: (CEO) a new leader taking charge. Strategic misalignment or lack of clarity resulting in sub-par performance.
  2. Client Relationships: (Marketing and Sales) Difficulty in achieving revenue and profit targets.  Desire to penetrate new markets, expand service offers and enhance sales and marketing effectiveness.
  3. Talent: (Human Resources) desire to improve organizational alignment and increase employee engagement.
  4. Service Execution: (Engagement/Delivery) immature methodologies, processes and tools to effectively schedule, deploy and measure the quality of service delivery.
  5. Finance and Operations: (CFO) Lackluster financial performance, inability to consistently achieve revenue and profit targets. Immature operating processes, IT applications and management controls.

Based on years of experience leading and transforming both large and small service organizations SPI has developed a unique PS Maturity™ transformation process designed to quickly diagnose, focus, align, and engage the full organization and then rapidly follow through for execution. The program facilitates leadership development and collaboration at all levels by aligning the power of the whole organization around just a few key improvement initiatives.

The Results
Dramatic improvements in productivity, profit, employee engagement and client satisfaction.