Service Maturity Levels

Within each Service Performance Pillar™, SPI Research has developed key performance measurements and maturity level definitions.  Maturity level characteristics :

  • Level 1 — Initiated "Heroic": The PSO is in its early stages; operating processes are ad hoc and fluid. The business environment is chaotic and opportunistic, and the focus is primarily on new client acquisition and reference building. Success depends on the competence and heroics of people in the organization, and not on the use of proven processes, methods or tools. Employees wear many hats and perform multiple roles.
  • Level 2 — Piloted "Functional ": Core operating processes are starting to become repeatable. Best practices may be demonstrated in discrete functional areas or geographies but they are not yet documented and codified for the entire organization. Operational excellence and best practices may be discerned within functions but not across functions
  • Level 3 — Deployed "Project Excellence": The PSO has created a set of standard processes and operating principles for all major service performance pillars™, but renegades and hold-outs may still exist. Processes have been established to focus on effective execution with a spotlight on alignment between and across functions.
  • Level 4 — Institutionalized "Portfolio Excellence": Management uses precise measurements, metrics and controls, to effectively manage the PSO. Each performance pillar is supported by a detailed set of operating principles, tools and measurements designed to improve visibility, management control and leverage.
  • Level 5 — Optimized "Collaborative": The PSO focuses on continual improvement of all elements of the five performance pillars™.  A disciplined, controlled process is in place to measure and optimize performance through both incremental and innovative technological improvements.  Focus is on both quantitative and qualitative process-improvements which adapt to and take advantage of changes in the business environment.

Five maturity level definitions