Service Performance Pillars™

Service Performance Pillars

Our belief is that professional services organizations achieve success through the optimization of five Service Performance Pillars:

  1. Leadership (Vision, Strategy and Culture): (CEO) a unique view of the future and the role the service organization will play in shaping it.
  2. Client Relationships: (Marketing and Sales) the ability to communicate effectively with employees, partners and customers to generate opportunities and win deals.
  3. Talent (formerly Human Capital Alignment): (Human Resources) the ability to attract, hire, motivate, and retain high quality employees and subcontractors.
  4. Service Execution: (Engagement/Delivery) the methodologies, processes and tools to effectively schedule, deploy and measure the quality of the service delivery process.
  5. Finance and Operations: (CFO) the ability to manage service profit and loss — to generate revenue and profit while developing repeatable operating processes, IT applications and management controls.