Why Maturity Matters

SPI Research's maturity level definitions allow PS firms to discover areas where they are underperforming compared to their peers.  In some cases this performance may be a result of the organization's strategy, for instance, deemphasizing service margin to accentuate product sales. 

Regardless of the motives, understanding each pillar’s relative maturity can help PS executives identify and implement an improvement strategy to move their organization forward.

Service Performance Insight (SPI Research) first introduced the "New Professional Services Maturity Model™" in January, 2008.  Since that time more than 35,000 PS organizations have used it to diagnose their current maturity and visualize the steps required to move to the next level. 

Based on results reported from over 4,000 PSOs, characteristics of the leading PS Maturity organizations include:

  • Market leadership
  • Strong, loyal client relationships
  • An engaged and talented workforce
  • Consistent, repeatable high quality service delivery
  • Best-in-class revenue growth and profitability

Maturity Matters