ResearchService Performance Insight is a leader in Professional Service Market research with an emphasis on how strategic alignment between people, business controls and technology drive performance.  For over a decade we have spotted the trends, established key performance metrics and standards and showcased best practices with the singular goal of advancing the technology professional service sector. 

We combine the best of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to provide unique insights and actionable frameworks designed to improve decision-making.

Our research and thoughtful analysis sets us apart and is at the core of all we do.  We not only help our clients uncover hidden opportunities  but also build the case for the value of change.

Service Performance Insight provides an informed and actionable third-party perspective for service executives and technology providers. Our market research and reporting forms the context in which both buyers and sellers of information technology-based solutions maximize the effectiveness of solution development, selection, deployment and use.

SPI Research publishes ground-breaking research reports and offers free downloadable white papers, presentations and other media to keep PS leaders abreast of market dynamics.

SPI Research works with industry leaders that supply the market with the tools required to efficiently and effectively perform work.  Many of these partners  pay for the right to distribute Service Performance Insight research, however, do not influence the process or the outcome of our research.